Toluca Lake Manse

Haustech won Gold for Best Master Suite from Electronic House for this project in Toluca Lake. The master suite now includes three zones of audio, automated draperies and skylight control, lighting control, three TVs (one hidden by Seura mirror and two covered with VisionArt paintings.)

What started out as a master suite and foyer makeover turned into a renovation of this entire residence over five years. The entire house is connected via Savant and enjoys 21 zones of audio and 11 zones of video with access to Kaleidescape, AppleTV, Roku, DIRECTV and BluRay throughout the home. Many of the systems (comfort, pool control and security) were integrated as they had not been before and can be controlled locally or remotely via IOS devices or iPads and iPad minis LaunchPorts.

Since the client did not want any technology visible in the house unless in use, Haustech was able to get creative with lifts/mirrors/paintings to hide all the televisions. For a house jam packed with technology, you would never guess it!