Westridge Hillside Retreat

This architectural delight nestled in Brentwood Hills was designed by Edna Muir in 1960 and featured on the cover of Art and Architecture in 1962. Flash forward to today’s remodel where the builder upheld the beautiful design while upgrading the space for today’s tech needs. With every light and shade on the system and full Alexa integration, this home stays connected in just the right ways.

Mar Vista Oasis

This 4 bedroom, 8 bathroom 5,800 square foot house was built from the ground up on a 9,600 square foot lot. Designed for California living with wide open entertaining spaces, the house boasts a full Savant System featuring integration of audio/video, lighting, comfort, surveillance with everything seamlessly tied into a central equipment location. Whether it’s the 65” outdoor TV and landscape audio system or the multiple media rooms scattered throughout the house with speakers in 12 zones, this home is made for easy connected living.  

Gearbox Car Studio

This is a car collector’s paradise built as a 25,000 commercial event and meeting space, including its own infinity wall for photos shoots. With a fully integrated Savant System, showcasing Lutron lighting, 12 zones of audio/video, dual monitors for presentation in two zones and a full QSC warehouse sound system with audio throughout, this is a space for a special event or your newest product release.

Beverly Hills Party Pad

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This mid-century modern party pad exudes an untouchable spirit of Beverly Hills leaning back to the 60s and jumping forward to today’s smart home living. The house, located in the esteemed Trousdale Estates, is all about lifestyle and with a full Savant Systems integration, there is not a space forgotten. Escape to the dedicated home theater where the 140” screen will dominate or make a drink and take in the view of LA from the pool. Collapse the house walls, let the TVs down and you can bet that this place is anything but boring.

Mar Vista Hilltop Retreat

An indoor/outdoor paradise, this cozy 2,500 square foot family home has it all.

The house enjoys full integration through Savant Systems including audio/video, lighting control, comfort and surveillance. All equipment is centralized in a custom built garage media cabinet and features eight zones of video and fourteen zones of audio. The outdoor area sports two zones of video with an 80″ 4K TV in a garage-door-styled controlled niche and four zones of audio to cover the patios and sport court.

The client is able to trigger any combination of all integrated components via the scenes option in Savant app. For this sports family, Savant provides the soundtrack of their lifestyle.

West Los Angeles Escape

This 10k square foot new construction project allowed Haustech to go for full integration of every element and customize it to the client’s lifestyle.

This is truly a connected home with eighteen zones of audio and eight zones of video to full lighting control, surveillance and integration of twelve zones of comfort (HVAC), a Panasonic phone system with three gate intercoms plus security.

The client was an audiophile who appreciates the control and acoustic qualities of the Sonance and Episode Signature Series speakers. Control throughout is provided by multiple LaunchPort iPad docks which provide the ability to have an on-wall control point with a capability to remove the touch panel for roaming interfacing as well.

Pacific Palisades Paradise

This 9k square foot Smart Home in Pacific Palisades enjoys full integration via Savant including whole house audio/video, lighting control, comfort, pool control, security and surveillance systems.

The system can be controlled by multiple iPad mini LaunchPorts throughout the home, Savant remotes at the TV Locations and other iOS devices. The owner can even access the house remotely, including access to Savant interface, surveillance and answering the door from anywhere in the world.

The home has eighteen zones of audio and seven zones of video, with sources including four DIRECTV DVRs, three source Kaleidescape system, two Apple TVs, BluRay and Savant two zone audio server. Plus, various audio/visual aesthetic technologies exist throughout, from a 75″ VisionArt covered TV with 7.2 surround sound, to TV lifts, to an 8’x8′ Seura Mirror hiding a 46″ Samsung TV.

Bel Air Manor

This client wanted an economical solution for full integration of this 8K square foot home. Haustech determined that Savant Systems would offer a great balance between functionality and budget. The system was completed with full audio distribution to 13 zones and localized video sources for each television.

What is interesting in this case, is that the audio for each source is run through the savant system audio matrix so by all appearances the audio and video are all centralized. Coupled with integration for lighting, security and comfort control, this turned out to be a completely modernized Savant Pro System.

Toluca Lake Manse

Haustech won Gold for Best Master Suite from Electronic House for this project in Toluca Lake. The master suite now includes three zones of audio, automated draperies and skylight control, lighting control, three TVs (one hidden by Seura mirror and two covered with VisionArt paintings.)

What started out as a master suite and foyer makeover turned into a renovation of this entire residence over five years. The entire house is connected via Savant and enjoys 21 zones of audio and 11 zones of video with access to Kaleidescape, AppleTV, Roku, DIRECTV and BluRay throughout the home. Many of the systems (comfort, pool control and security) were integrated as they had not been before and can be controlled locally or remotely via IOS devices or iPads and iPad minis LaunchPorts.

Since the client did not want any technology visible in the house unless in use, Haustech was able to get creative with lifts/mirrors/paintings to hide all the televisions. For a house jam packed with technology, you would never guess it!

Mar Vista Spec Home

This is a “Smart Home with a View” that was built as a spec home in the Mar Vista hilltop, a suburb in Los Angeles. Haustech was brought in to incorporate technology within a certain budget while leaving much room to customize in the future.

We installed a robust control system that included audio/video, lighting control, comfort, pool control and a dedicated home theater. Upon completion, the house was advertised as a Smart Home and quickly sold above asking price within two days.