What Do You Need to Set Up an Outdoor Sound System?

Are you ready to get started enjoying all your favorite music outside?

Installing an outdoor sound system is one of the best upgrades you can make to your outdoor living spaces. Music is a fantastic complement to a host of outdoor activities like pool parties, game day watch parties, or casual dinner parties on the patio. And with agreeable summer weather arriving in the Pacific Palisades and Los Angeles area, there’s no better time than now to invest in outdoor audio. Here’s what you need to get started.

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Explore the Top Lighting Control Solutions on the Market: Savant and Lutron

Bring luxury, controllable home lighting into your life

Lighting control is one of the best investments you can make for your Malibu, CA, house. Home lighting is a technology that has value far beyond its functional purposes — we use different lighting fixtures and brightness levels to create ambiance, cultivate an inviting environment, and find more comfort in our living spaces. And smart lighting control has the bonus of bringing significant time and energy savings into your daily routines. Why waste more time flipping switches when you can press a button on your smartphone instead? Or better yet, when your house does it automatically.

Savant and Lutron are the premier brands for luxury home lighting control. Keep reading to learn more about their solutions.

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Improve Your Day-to-Day Life With Smart Home Automation

Let smart technology sweat the small stuff  so you can focus on the things that matter 

The primary purpose of smart home automation is to utilize the latest and greatest technologies to make your home life more comfortableconvenient and secure. Centralized automation gives you effortless control over your home using a smartphone app, touchscreen tablet, custom keypads, remotes, or even voice control. Integrate all your smart functions – audio/video systems, smart thermostats, dimmable LED lighting, networking, security and surveillance, motorized shades, a custom home theater, outdoor entertainment, and more  all in one, manageable platform.  

Home automation can be a lifesaver for busy families managing work, school, family, social, and home care responsibilities throughout the week. Keep reading to learn some of the ways home automation can improve your day-to-day life in the Pacific Palisades or Los Angeles area.    

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Audio Video Distribution: How to Get More While Spending Less

New technologies can deliver stellar AV distribution at a fraction of the cost 

Audio video distribution is a must-have for homeowners who want hassle-free entertainment throughout their entire home. The problem with traditional systems is that they rack up high costs, especially if you have a large house with multiple locations for TVs and speakers. The labor is time-intensive and involves ripping into your walls, floor, and ceiling to install long cable runs.  

But with technology advancing in leaps and bounds, another option is available. A network-based system using AVB technical standards is a cost-effective solution that you can deploy throughout your entire Malibu, CA property. It’s the high-quality entertainment distribution you need, at the price point you want. Keep reading to learn more.   Read more

Give Your Audio Video Installation a Boost With New Speakers

The audio performance of Sonance and James Loudspeakers is second-to-none

As we enter the new year, home improvements are on the brain for many of us! Your home entertainment is a popular system to upgrade, and one of the best improvements you can make is new speakers for your audio video installation. High-performance speakers vastly improve your music, movie, TV, sports viewing, and gaming experiences at home.

When it comes to upgrading your home audio, we recommend the best: Sonance and James Loudspeaker. Keep reading to learn more about this powerhouse duo and how their speaker products will transform your Pacific Palisades or Los Angeles, CA, home.

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2 Smart Devices That Will Improve Your Home Security

Use security cameras and a smart video doorbell to know what’s going on around-the-clock

Here’s a 2021 New Year’s goal all homeowners can get behind: improving home security. While spending the majority of 2020 inside your Malibu, CA, home, you may have noticed some security flaws. And whether you’re heading back to the office in 2021 or working remotely at home, it’s time to consider the smart devices you need to keep you and your family safe.

At Haustech, we recommend starting with two tried-and-true home protection devices: security cameras and access control. Keep reading to learn more.

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CEDIA 2020 Wrap-Up: What We Were Excited to See This Year

Learn about the enticing new products that won big at CEDIA this year

The annual CEDIA Expo is the premier platform to find anyone who’s anyone in the smart technology industry and see all the newest technologies out on display. The 2020 CEDIA Expo looked a lot different than prior events…..it was entirely virtual. Thousands of integrators and technology manufacturers displayed virtual booths, hosted panels and held discussions remotely in a first-of-its-kind event for CEDIA.

As your local smart home company in the Pacific Palisades and Los Angeles, CA, area, Haustech is here to give you a brief rundown of the best of the best from CEDIA 2020. Keep reading!

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Unleash Your Inner Audiophile With Savant’s Audio Over IP for Whole Home Music

Audio over IP delivers lossless, high-fidelity sound to every room in your home

Whole home audio is a win for everyone in your family. With multi-room audio distribution, you can store, access and manage all your audio services — streaming platforms (Spotify, Pandora), playlists, MP3 libraries, CDs, the radio, TV audio, audiobooks and podcasts — from a single intuitive interface on a smartphone app or touchscreen device. From there, it only takes one touch to direct music to any room in your Malibu, CA, home.

The newest trend in whole home audio is audio over IP technology, which uses your home network to transmit exceptional sound throughout your home. In this field, Savant is leading the pack with its best-in-class IP audio products for residential systems. Keep reading to learn more!

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2 AV Solutions to Jumpstart Your Home Theater Installation

The display screen and sound system will make or break a home theater installation — luckily, we have some suggestions for you

The AV components are the defining elements in your home theater installation. With the right display screen and sound system, your favorite movies, TV shows, sports games and video games can pull you out of reality and sweep you into the thrilling, exciting, tense action of incredible media.

The primary goal of a home theater is to let your escape into an exceptional media experience in your Pacific Palisades, CA, home. At Haustech, we have recommendations for 2 high-end equipment solutions that make good on that goal. Keep reading to learn more.

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Enhance Your Life with Lutron’s Innovative Motorized Shades

Here’s how Lutron automated shading can transform how you enjoy your Malibu home

Most of us have some window treatments around our homes — shades, drapes, blinds, etc. Window treatments are generally not someone’s favorite aspect of their home; it can be time-consuming to adjust each of them, and they’re not known as something to get excited about. What if your shades could be something you love to have in your life?

Lutron, a leader in motorized shading solutions, creates shades that offer a myriad of benefits — including convenience, customization, and energy savings. In this blog, we’ll walk you through what you can expect with Lutron motorized shades and how they can improve your Malibu, CA, home, and lifestyle.

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