What Components Do You Need for Great Outdoor Entertainment?

With the right smart technology, you can transform your outdoor spaces into entertainment hotspots

Summer is here in the Pacific Palisades and Los Angeles, although you might argue it’s almost always summer in Southern California save for January and February. Our mild climate makes it easy to enjoy the plentiful sun and fresh air. With the warmer summer nights, an outdoor entertainment system on your back patio and pool deck can extend the fun outside. With outdoor AV, you can listen to music, watch movies and entertain guests outside anytime you want.

At Haustech, we’ll get you set up with everything you need to start enjoying stellar sound and visuals outdoors. Keep reading to learn more!

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Video Display

Let’s start with a video display so you can watch movies, cable TV and streaming services while you’re out back grilling or lounging by the pool. To get good picture quality outside, you need to invest in a TV specifically made for outdoor use.

Luckily, the Terrace 4K Smart TV by Samsung is fresh on the market and ready to perform. The Terrace screen can dial up to an ultra-high brightness level and has an anti-reflective coating, which means you can still watch your favorite shows glare-free in partial or direct sunlight. It’s water and dust resistant, so you can leave it outside year-round and enjoy your favorite video entertainment whenever you want.  Plus, like Samsung’s indoor Frame TV, it mounts flush to a surface for a sleek, thoroughly integrated look.

Sound System and Speakers

Not every outdoor occasion calls for video— for pool parties and outdoor gatherings, you need a rocking sound system to set the mood. Like your TV, your speakers should be specially made to perform well outdoors. Good outdoor speakers are weatherproof and have robust drivers and built-in or underground subwoofers to deliver crisp, powerful sound across wide open spaces.

At Haustech, we can design a system that meets your needs, whether you want in-wall or under-eave speakers on the patio or multiple landscape speakers spread throughout the backyard. If you already have an indoor AV or home theater receiver, we can easily connect your outdoor speakers to your existing system so you can enjoy streaming services, radio stations, music libraries and vinyl records outside. Call us to ask about the speaker brands we recommend!

Expanded Network Coverage

For many of us, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Spotify make up most of our media consumption. If you want to enjoy music, movies and TV shows from these services outside, your home network needs to extend across your patio, pool deck and backyard. In most cases, the router inside your home won’t cover that much distance. But our techs at Haustech can install weatherproof devices like a Wi-Fi extender or wireless access point in your outdoor spaces to expand the range of your Wi-Fi connections. Enjoy fast, reliable and uninterrupted music and TV no matter where you are outside!

Centralized Control System

At Haustech, when we’re designing and installing your outdoor entertainment system, one of our goals is to make sure all your outdoor tech is easily accessible and manageable. Having to juggle multiple remotes for different devices lessens your comfort and enjoyment levels. That’s why we recommend bringing everything together with home automation. With an automation system like Savant, you can access and control all your outdoor audio and video with one smart device, like a universal remote or mobile app. Switch from playing Pandora by the pool to streaming a Netflix movie on the patio with one tap.

Home automation systems are incredibly scalable. You can add landscape lighting, automated outdoor shades, surveillance and pool/spa automation to your Savant system and manage everything with one smart device and interface.

Haustech is here to bring all your home technology projects to life. Ready to add more fun to your outdoor spaces? We proudly serve the Los Angeles, CA, area — give us a call or fill out a contact form, and we’ll get back to you quickly!