Give Your Audio Video Installation a Boost With New Speakers

The audio performance of Sonance and James Loudspeakers is second-to-none

As we enter the new year, home improvements are on the brain for many of us! Your home entertainment is a popular system to upgrade, and one of the best improvements you can make is new speakers for your audio video installation. High-performance speakers vastly improve your music, movie, TV, sports viewing, and gaming experiences at home.

When it comes to upgrading your home audio, we recommend the best: Sonance and James Loudspeaker. Keep reading to learn more about this powerhouse duo and how their speaker products will transform your Pacific Palisades or Los Angeles, CA, home.

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The Making of a Power Couple

In September 2019, Sonance announced plans to acquire James Loudspeaker by the end of the year. Sonance was founded in 1983 and has long been considered the benchmark brand for architectural audio. Sonance’s speakers are “designed to disappear” into the architecture of your home, media room, theater room, or backyard and patio.

James Loudspeaker is no slouch in the audio world either. The company is revered for its high-performance speakers in homes, outdoor settings, commercial venues, and marine applications. Speakers are custom-designed to minimize their visual presence in interior and exterior settings.

Together, a Sonance and James Loudspeaker partnership is poised to deliver the ultimate experience in entertainment, high-fidelity audio, and hidden sound design. In 2020, integrators and technology manufacturers alike waited with bated breath to see what the powerhouse duo would unveil at their first joint CEDIA Expo.

They didn’t disappoint. Keep reading to learn more about the new products we recommend to upgrade and elevate your audio video installation at home.


Sonance Invisible Series

The Invisible Series is Sonance’s hallmark line of architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. They are — you guessed it — completely invisible after installation and finished over with the wall or ceiling material. Sonance’s disappearing speakers offer a tremendous flexibility for whole-home audio design because you can install as many as you need (wherever you need them) without cluttering up your home or disturbing the aesthetics.

Motion Flex is what sets the newly upgraded Invisible Series line apart in performance. Motion Flex uses innovative acoustic engineering technology explicitly designed to improve the performance of flat-paneled speakers. The Invisible Series includes a wave flex drive unit that delivers crisp highs and smooth midrange, along with an air flex woofer to deliver robust and powerful bass. An acoustically isolated baffle ensures ultra-low sound distortion, and Sonance’s proprietary constant directivity crossover (CDX) enables consistent sound coverage with nearly 180° of vertical and horizontal dispersion.

The Invisible Series delivers a rich, immersive sound experience for multiple applications: a TV sound upgrade, a distributed audio system, or a full, surround-sound setup in a home theater or media room.


James Loudspeaker

The latest and greatest from James Loudspeaker are the new AT Outdoor Towers, introduced at CEDIA 2020. These loudspeakers are meant to be seen and heard — they were designed to give concert-level performance outdoors. The Outdoor Towers deliver powerful, earth-shaking sound for multiple outdoor entertainment systems, including outdoor home theaters and outdoor music.

This speaker line is weatherproof and can be mounted on all types of terrain. Now is the time to start thinking about your outdoor entertainment setup! Let Haustech handle your installation now so that you’ll be ready to rock and roll (literally — these Outdoor Towers will rock and roll the ground beneath your feet) when California summer arrives.


At Haustech, we exclusively work with industry-leading brands to bring the highest quality and performance to your home technology systems. If you’re ready to discuss installing or revamping your audio video installations, call us or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation.