Audio Video Distribution: How to Get More While Spending Less

New technologies can deliver stellar AV distribution at a fraction of the cost 

Audio video distribution is a must-have for homeowners who want hassle-free entertainment throughout their entire home. The problem with traditional systems is that they rack up high costs, especially if you have a large house with multiple locations for TVs and speakers. The labor is time-intensive and involves ripping into your walls, floor, and ceiling to install long cable runs.  

But with technology advancing in leaps and bounds, another option is available. A network-based system using AVB technical standards is a cost-effective solution that you can deploy throughout your entire Malibu, CA property. It’s the high-quality entertainment distribution you need, at the price point you want. Keep reading to learn more.  

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So, Tell Me How It Works 

The technology uses a set of standards called audio-video bridging (AVB). It’s a networked-based system that transfers real-time audio and video signals over ethernet connections. AVB reserves an allocation of the network’s bandwidth exclusively for audio/video streams  ensuring that AV streams don’t collide with other data traffic on the network. The standards also ensure accurate synchronization for multiple AV streams so that you can send audio and video to several endpoints (speakers, TVs) simultaneouslyAVB is an open system, meaning that any network location can become a source or endpoint for the system. Once devices are connected via the network, they can communicate. 

At Haustech, we use open AVB standards to build amazing and high-quality audio-video distribution systems for you to enjoy entertainment everywhere in your homeWe install a Savant device called a PAV-AIO1C at each TV location. The PAV-AIO1C is a single-input, single-output device for converting digital audio signals. We use it as an input device and connect it to the TV’s output jack.  

Here’s where the magic happens: we put the converter device on the AVB network using a simple PoE connection. Now, whatever you have on the connected TV is available across the entire audio network  there’s your distributed audio. Add a smart streaming device (Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast) to every location you want video  there’s your distributed video. The system can send large volumes of data to one endpoint or multiple endpoints with ease, allowing you to watch content and listen to music in a single room or many simultaneously 


What Are the Primary Benefits? 

distribution system using AVB standards is cost-effective and doesn’t require new cabling or rewiring in your home. It works with your existing network infrastructure and standard ethernet switch connections. Expanding your system with a new TV or set of speakers is as easy as adding additional ethernet switches.  

AVB standards that control timing, synchronization, and bandwidth allocation ensure that your audio and video are delivered in real-time with low latency and reliability. This is an incredible technological innovation that’s changing how we implement and distribute whole-home AV solutions.    


There’s no reason you can’t have great home entertainment at a price that works for you. If you’re interested in learning more about audio video distribution with AVB standards, call Haustech or reach out via an online form