Improve Your Day-to-Day Life With Smart Home Automation

Let smart technology sweat the small stuff  so you can focus on the things that matter 

The primary purpose of smart home automation is to utilize the latest and greatest technologies to make your home life more comfortableconvenient and secure. Centralized automation gives you effortless control over your home using a smartphone app, touchscreen tablet, custom keypads, remotes, or even voice control. Integrate all your smart functions – audio/video systems, smart thermostats, dimmable LED lighting, networking, security and surveillance, motorized shades, a custom home theater, outdoor entertainment, and more  all in one, manageable platform.  

Home automation can be a lifesaver for busy families managing work, school, family, social, and home care responsibilities throughout the week. Keep reading to learn some of the ways home automation can improve your day-to-day life in the Pacific Palisades or Los Angeles area.    

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Get Out the Door on Time 

Getting everyone out the door on time is a pain point for families juggling hectic morning schedules. Let automated processes help speed things along. Do the kids have a hard time getting out of bed? Schedule lights to turn on and music to play in their rooms to coax them up  without you having to waste time running from room to room.  

Once everyone is ready to leave, save time readying your home by pressing an “Away” button on your smartphone or wall-mounted tablet. As you leave, the lights will turn off, shades will lower, the security alarm will arm, and the smart door locks will lock behind you.   


Relax in a Comfortable Environment  

Your home is a safe space to relax, unwind and spend quality time with family and friends away from the stresses of work and other responsibilities. Smart lighting, climate, and shading solutions ensure that your environment is comfortable and inviting no matter how you decide to spend your downtime.  

Use motorized shades and smart lighting control to blend the perfect mix of natural and indoor lighting in your space. You can create custom scenes that automatically set the shades and lights to your desired preference depending on the time of day or use a smart device to adjust the settings yourself. Your smart thermostat will work diligently to regulate the indoor temperature and humidity levels based on your personal comfort and the amount of heat and sunlight coming through the windows. You can issue a voice command to change the thermostat any time you feel too hot or cold.  


Feel Secure at Home and Away 

You and your family should always feel safe at home. A smart security system keeps an eye on the house so that you can have peace of mind at work and concentrate on family time at home. While you’re away, surveillance cameras, door and window sensors, and a burglary alarm will send you an instant alert if something happens on your property. You can check in on livestream surveillance footage or the status of your smart door locks at any time using a smartphone app. 

At home, front-entry cameras or a video doorbell can alert you when someone’s at the door. You can use video and two-way audio to communicate with delivery people or visitors before answering the door. While the kids are out in the pool, keep an eye out for trouble by watching livestream video surveillance on a touchscreen as you move around the house. 

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