Enhance Your Life with Lutron’s Innovative Motorized Shades

Here’s how Lutron automated shading can transform how you enjoy your Malibu home

Most of us have some window treatments around our homes — shades, drapes, blinds, etc. Window treatments are generally not someone’s favorite aspect of their home; it can be time-consuming to adjust each of them, and they’re not known as something to get excited about. What if your shades could be something you love to have in your life?

Lutron, a leader in motorized shading solutions, creates shades that offer a myriad of benefits — including convenience, customization, and energy savings. In this blog, we’ll walk you through what you can expect with Lutron motorized shades and how they can improve your Malibu, CA, home, and lifestyle.

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Control, Convenience, and Customization

If you’re tired of manually adjusting each of your shades and untangling cords every day, we don’t blame you. Lutron takes this frustration away and replaces it with effortless control. Its shades are powered by smart technology, meaning you can adjust them through keypads, IR remote controls, or wireless tabletop controls. One remote can communicate with all the shades around your home.

If you want your living room shades to open but your bedroom ones to close, you can manage them through a single smart device — no matter where you are in your house. Another convenience is getting to set specific times for your shades to rise every morning and lower every night. With Lutron technology, you can customize settings for every one of your shades.

Energy Savings

You may not realize it, but shading can have a significant impact on your energy bills. Raising your shades every morning and leaving your windows uncovered for the entire day can bring in excess sunlight and increase your home’s temperature, especially during summer. That then causes your HVAC system to work hard to keep your home cool — which can result in a higher energy bill.

With Lutron shading systems, you can have peace of mind that you’re saving additional energy for your residence. Lutron’s “summer cool” setting lowers shades automatically throughout the day to block solar heat gain and reduce your cooling costs. When winter comes, Lutron shades activate a “winter warm” setting to open and take advantage of the sun’s ways warming a southern façade.

Lutron motorized shades can add ease, customization, and savings to your life. Haustech is your local Malibu Lutron dealer, and we’d love to tell you more about motorized shades and other solutions. We are passionate about creating the best systems for our clients — schedule a no-obligation consultation with us today!