2 AV Solutions to Jumpstart Your Home Theater Installation

The display screen and sound system will make or break a home theater installation — luckily, we have some suggestions for you

The AV components are the defining elements in your home theater installation. With the right display screen and sound system, your favorite movies, TV shows, sports games and video games can pull you out of reality and sweep you into the thrilling, exciting, tense action of incredible media.

The primary goal of a home theater is to let your escape into an exceptional media experience in your Pacific Palisades, CA, home. At Haustech, we have recommendations for 2 high-end equipment solutions that make good on that goal. Keep reading to learn more.

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Sony Projectors

For homeowners looking to re-create the authentic movie-going experience, you can’t go wrong with a Sony movie projector for awe-inspiring display. Residential projector technology now rivals or exceeds what you can experience in your local cineplex. Many of the newest movie projectors on the market support high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging and native 4K resolution for bright, colorful, and high-contrast picture quality.

At Haustech, we’re fans of a growing trend in projection technology: laser projectors. A Sony laser projector functions more like a TV: it can turn on and off instantly and doesn’t require cooling breaks. Traditional lamp projectors are very high maintenance and need a new bulb change approximately every 3,000 hours. As the lamp bulbs age, they’re prone to overheating and displaying reduced image brightness and quality. In contrast, a Sony laser projector can run smoothly for 20,0000-30,0000 hours and deliver consistent image brightness and color ranges that don’t fade with age.

While a Sony laser projector is a big investment upfront, it’s more energy efficient, requires less maintenance and has a longer lifetime value. We also like Sony laser projectors because they’re more scalable than traditional lamp projectors, which work best in large home theater rooms. Short throw laser projectors can be installed closer to the screen and still generate large screen images, opening the door for projector installations in smaller home theaters.

Triad Speakers

OK, take your eyes off the big screen for a minute, and let’s focus on the other crucial component of your home theater installation: the sound system. Our partner Triad builds high-end home theater loudspeakers that deliver audio you won’t only hear, but feel too. Every sound solution from Triad is built-to-order for your installation. Triad’s Dolby Atmos-enabled surround-sound speaker systems can extract the full dynamic range of movie soundtracks for an enveloping and exciting home theater audio experience.

Triad systems are only available through customer integrators like Haustech. And that’s only one of many reasons why we recommend hiring a professional for your theater installation. Every home theater is unique and has different equipment requirements based on the size and shape of the theater room.

Haustech is here to bring your home theater dream to life. We proudly serve residents in the Los Angeles and Pacific Palisades areas. Give us a call today or fill out an online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team.