Audio Video Distribution: How to Get More While Spending Less

New technologies can deliver stellar AV distribution at a fraction of the cost 

Audio video distribution is a must-have for homeowners who want hassle-free entertainment throughout their entire home. The problem with traditional systems is that they rack up high costs, especially if you have a large house with multiple locations for TVs and speakers. The labor is time-intensive and involves ripping into your walls, floor, and ceiling to install long cable runs.  

But with technology advancing in leaps and bounds, another option is available. A network-based system using AVB technical standards is a cost-effective solution that you can deploy throughout your entire Malibu, CA property. It’s the high-quality entertainment distribution you need, at the price point you want. Keep reading to learn more.   Read more

2 AV Solutions to Jumpstart Your Home Theater Installation

The display screen and sound system will make or break a home theater installation — luckily, we have some suggestions for you

The AV components are the defining elements in your home theater installation. With the right display screen and sound system, your favorite movies, TV shows, sports games and video games can pull you out of reality and sweep you into the thrilling, exciting, tense action of incredible media.

The primary goal of a home theater is to let your escape into an exceptional media experience in your Pacific Palisades, CA, home. At Haustech, we have recommendations for 2 high-end equipment solutions that make good on that goal. Keep reading to learn more.

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