2 Smart Devices That Will Improve Your Home Security

Use security cameras and a smart video doorbell to know what’s going on around-the-clock

Here’s a 2021 New Year’s goal all homeowners can get behind: improving home security. While spending the majority of 2020 inside your Malibu, CA, home, you may have noticed some security flaws. And whether you’re heading back to the office in 2021 or working remotely at home, it’s time to consider the smart devices you need to keep you and your family safe.

At Haustech, we recommend starting with two tried-and-true home protection devices: security cameras and access control. Keep reading to learn more.

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Security Cameras

Smart, high-definition security cameras placed strategically around your property can help you feel more secure knowing what’s going on around-the-clock, even while you’re not at home. Smart technology allows you to access and view live or recorded camera footage from your smartphone, laptop or touchscreen tablet. Motion sensor-activated cameras can send an instant notification to your phone when a suspicious event occurs, allowing you to call the authorities faster. And while you may not always be able to prevent theft or vandalism, your camera footage is powerful evidence that can be used to catch an intruder. High-quality surveillance cameras also come with night vision to produce clear images even in complete darkness.

At Haustech, we believe security cameras with cloud technology from brands like Verkada and Rhombus are the solutions of the future. Hybrid cloud video security allows you to access and view all cameras on a user-friendly, browser-based interface on your smartphone or laptop. With a battery-powered backup, your cameras can keep recording locally, on the camera – even if the internet goes down – and uploads all your footage to unlimited storage space on the cloud. With advanced video analytics, you can use keywords to search saved footage and find what you’re looking for instantly. The system can also notify you with custom alerts when your cameras identify unknown faces, license plates or vehicles on your property. Contact Haustech to learn more about the Verkada and Rhombus solutions we offer.

Holovision Powered By Ring

Access control is a must-have security tool for monitoring the flow of foot traffic on your entries and property. One solution we love is Holovision + Ring. This product offering that combines Amazon’s Ring Elite doorbell and Ring Access Controller Pro to allow homeowners to unlock and monitor their front gate and door from anywhere in the world. This unique product offering is designed and sold by Holovision and only available through Holovision dealers like Haustech.

Holovision + Ring solutions have a high-definition video camera, built-in microphone and speakers, motion detection sensors, night vision and unlimited cloud video recording. After installation via a simple ethernet connection, you can use the Amazon Ring app to see and speak to visitors at the front gate or door and remotely grant access.

This solution is great for allowing delivery people to gain temporary access inside your gates or home to leave packages in a safe place. It’s also convenient for allowing housekeepers, nannies, relatives or friends access to your property when you’re not at home. Holovision + Ring solutions come with a built-in keypad so that you can give visitors a one-time keycode. You can use the Ring app to monitor who’s entering and exiting.

An Integrated Solution

For comprehensive home security, integrate your security cameras, access control and smart doorbell into a centralized home automation system like Savant. With home automation, you can keep an eye on your entire property using a single smart device like the Savant Pro mobile app or a touchscreen tablet. You can also create settings that allow your security devices to work together. For example, when a person triggers the motion sensors on your Ring doorbell, the security cameras around your property can turn on and begin recording. Likewise, granting a delivery person access inside your front gate can trigger the nearby cameras to start recording and ensure that nothing unexpected happens.

Haustech can help you make your Malibu, CA, smart home a safer, more secure place to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Contact us to learn more about our security cameras and other home security solutions. Call or fill out a contact form today.