CEDIA 2020 Wrap-Up: What We Were Excited to See This Year

Learn about the enticing new products that won big at CEDIA this year

The annual CEDIA Expo is the premier platform to find anyone who’s anyone in the smart technology industry and see all the newest technologies out on display. The 2020 CEDIA Expo looked a lot different than prior events…..it was entirely virtual. Thousands of integrators and technology manufacturers displayed virtual booths, hosted panels and held discussions remotely in a first-of-its-kind event for CEDIA.

As your local smart home company in the Pacific Palisades and Los Angeles, CA, area, Haustech is here to give you a brief rundown of the best of the best from CEDIA 2020. Keep reading!

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Savant Wins Multiple Best New Product Awards

Savant’s had a stellar product year, so it’s no surprise they were a big winner at CEDIA 2020. First, the luxury home automation company won a Best New Product award for its Smart Audio Soundbar. And why is the industry gushing about yet another soundbar on the market? Because not only does this three-channel model deliver an impressive audio punch……but its unobtrusive design has built-in Savant home automation software. That’s right: the soundbar doubles as a smart home hub that allows you to control whole-home technologies like audio/video, lights, climate, shades, and security via the Savant Pro mobile app or Pro X2 handheld remote.

We’re also excited about the second Best New Product award that Savant picked up this year in the software category: Daylight Mode. This new lighting feature allows Savant users to create a personalized lighting schedule that aligns with natural lighting patterns and the body’s internal circadian rhythm. Using your home’s exact geo-coordinates and advanced technology, Daylight Mode adjusts the color temperature and intensity of light inside your home to promote a healthy sleep-wake cycle. You can use your smartphone to preview how the light will change during the day and make adjustments based on your wellness routines.

Wellness-based lighting is an emerging trend in the smart technology industry. And we’re keeping an eye on Savant to see what comes next — especially since the company acquired GE Lighting in May.


Sony and Samsung Release New Display Options in Time for the Holidays

Sony and Samsung also had a great year and showcased tempting new displays at CEDIA 2020. First up, Samsung took a swing at the outdoor entertainment world with the release of the Terrace Smart TV in May. The impressive, weatherproof TV has a 4K QLED screen and matching soundbar. Featuring tons of smart features and easy integration with all your favorite streaming services, the Terrace is an excellent addition to your patio entertainment setup. Samsung also exhibited its microLED display, The Wall, and its new ultra-short-throw 4K laser projector, The Premiere.

And speaking of projectors….Sony is a brand to watch in projector technology advancements. The powerhouse company unveiled three new native 4K SXRD projectors for home theater and residential use. Of particular interest is the 4K laser projector with HDR optimizing features. Laser technology is the latest and greatest trend in home projectors due to the extended lifespan and long-lasting brightness.


Sonance Hits the Highest Note

Sonance is already a leader in architectural audio, and the all-new, upgraded Invisible Series speaker line reinforces that fact. It’s been 8 years since Sonance refreshed the original Invisible Series, but the performance upgrades were more than enough to snag them a Best New Product award at CEDIA. True to name, Sonance’s invisible speakers blend flawlessly into walls and ceilings with no visual footprint. But the real improvement here is Sonance’s Motion Flex Technology, a series of advancements in acoustic engineering that delivers crisp and exceptional audio in the high, midrange, and bass levels. The new Invisible Series is sure to be a competitive benchmark for other brands to match.


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