Unleash Your Inner Audiophile With Savant’s Audio Over IP for Whole Home Music

Audio over IP delivers lossless, high-fidelity sound to every room in your home

Whole home audio is a win for everyone in your family. With multi-room audio distribution, you can store, access and manage all your audio services — streaming platforms (Spotify, Pandora), playlists, MP3 libraries, CDs, the radio, TV audio, audiobooks and podcasts — from a single intuitive interface on a smartphone app or touchscreen device. From there, it only takes one touch to direct music to any room in your Malibu, CA, home.

The newest trend in whole home audio is audio over IP technology, which uses your home network to transmit exceptional sound throughout your home. In this field, Savant is leading the pack with its best-in-class IP audio products for residential systems. Keep reading to learn more!

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Why Multi-Room Music?

With multi-room music, you and your family can have unlimited access to music, audiobooks and podcasts in any room of your home. And we’re not talking about reconnecting to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker to play Spotify every time you move to a new room. We’re talking about an integrated system with high-fidelity speakers that envelop you in crisp, clear sound while you prepare dinner in the kitchen, work in the home office or practice yoga in the exercise room. With room-by-room or whole-home distribution capabilities, you and your family can listen to music individually in different rooms or bond over shared tastes.

Countless studies show that music helps improve your mood, energize your exercise routines, provide comfort and reduce stress and anxiety. Bring more joy and brightness to everyday chores and routines by adding a personalized soundtrack.


Why Audio Over IP?

An IP audio system uses a computer network to send audio signals between devices instead of relying on point-to-point cabled connections. Traditional audio distribution systems require all speakers to be connected via cabling infrastructure to a centralized source component. While these systems are very reliable, they need a labor-intensive, costly installation with long wire runs to connect multiple speakers to your system. Additionally, scalability becomes an issue when you’re limited by cable lengths and the number of input/output ports available.

In contrast, a networked system enables audio signals to be distributed over standard ethernet connections, vastly simplifying the installation and wiring process. IP audio remains digital from the source to all zones, and because all connections are on the same network, multiple audio streams can move effortlessly to different zones simultaneously. Savant’s unique IP speakers and soundbars keep the audio path digital with no degradation all the way to the speaker.

At Haustech, we highly recommend Savant’s audio over IP technology for whole home audio. IP audio systems are highly scalable, and Savant’s system allows for up to 96 rooms of audio distribution. Adding additional rooms and speakers is easy by connecting new devices to a network port and adding either architectural or freestanding speakers.

One of the problems with traditional audio distribution is that analog cables or long speaker wire runs can degrade sound quality, especially over significant distances from the audio source. Savant’s audio over IP system distributes music to amplifiers in each zone digitally, resulting in clean high-fidelity sound that doesn’t diminish over long expanses.


Savant’s IP audio integrates seamlessly with Savant home automation, so you can control your entire home (audio/video, security, climate, motorized shades, lighting) from a single interface of your choice, like a smartphone app. Haustech is a certified Savant integrator, and we’re ready to fill your Malibu, CA, home with music. Let’s get started designing the system of your dreams — call us or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation.