Explore the Top Lighting Control Solutions on the Market: Savant and Lutron

Bring luxury, controllable home lighting into your life

Lighting control is one of the best investments you can make for your Malibu, CA, house. Home lighting is a technology that has value far beyond its functional purposes — we use different lighting fixtures and brightness levels to create ambiance, cultivate an inviting environment, and find more comfort in our living spaces. And smart lighting control has the bonus of bringing significant time and energy savings into your daily routines. Why waste more time flipping switches when you can press a button on your smartphone instead? Or better yet, when your house does it automatically.

Savant and Lutron are the premier brands for luxury home lighting control. Keep reading to learn more about their solutions.

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Unleash Your Inner Audiophile With Savant’s Audio Over IP for Whole Home Music

Audio over IP delivers lossless, high-fidelity sound to every room in your home

Whole home audio is a win for everyone in your family. With multi-room audio distribution, you can store, access and manage all your audio services — streaming platforms (Spotify, Pandora), playlists, MP3 libraries, CDs, the radio, TV audio, audiobooks and podcasts — from a single intuitive interface on a smartphone app or touchscreen device. From there, it only takes one touch to direct music to any room in your Malibu, CA, home.

The newest trend in whole home audio is audio over IP technology, which uses your home network to transmit exceptional sound throughout your home. In this field, Savant is leading the pack with its best-in-class IP audio products for residential systems. Keep reading to learn more!

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DIY in Home Technology

My name is Michael Fehmers and I am a technology valueist, standing at a precipice in home technology!

Technology is changing rapidly. Moore’s law just keeps proving itself over any over – and it’s true in the home too. Whereas we have traditionally held many hands wiring and installing systems in large residential and commercial spaces, the times are changing. Our team is excited to now offer assistance in the DIY landscape.

Retrofit installations for music (Sonos), HVAC (Savant, Nest, Honeywell), Lighting (Savant, Lutron), Networking (Araknis, Ubiquiti, Eero), Security (Schlage) make anything possible for anyone with a few extra dollars to spend.

Heard of Apple HomeKit? I’d like to say that it’s an APP, but it’s not. It’s a platform built ‘behind’ the Apple IOS front that works with a select group of quality products that will allow for natural integration.

For example, Haustech comes and helps you install a Honeywell Lyric Thermostat, some Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting, and the Schlage Sense Lock – and we get them all configured as separate apps on your IOS or Android Device. THEN, in the case of the iPhone, you are natively able to tell Siri what to do. Press your little button and say “Siri, turn on family room overheads” or  “Siri, lock the door” or “Siri, turn the cool the house to 60 degrees (I like it cold).” All at your own fingertips!

As much as “DIY” means Do It Yourself – sometimes it’s not that easy. Changing light switches, updating thermostats, setting up a wireless music system, programming remotes, installing smart locks… the list continues to grow. Though much simpler to do these kind of updates then in the past, you may still need some assistance. That’s the future and Haustech is here to help you help yourself.

I believe what scares many people about home automation, even those that can afford the super expensive systems, is the reliance on a company to manage their technology needs. Technology has issues – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Haustech can help anyone be in command of their technological future at a value never before seen.

Do you have questions about the DIY Smart Home? Leave a comment here or come tell us on Facebook.

Haustech (formerly called CBA Technology) has been involved in hundreds of home automation and audio/video projects throughout the Los Angeles area and we bring years of high-end AV/Automation expertise to each project. Contact us today!


The New Savant Remote

The new Savant remote is a game changer in the do-it-yourself Smart Home landscape. It integrates easily with products you probably already have like AppleTV, Roku and DirecTV but the coolest feature is its integration with Sonos.

The remote has a touch screen interface and also can be controlled by your voice with prompts such as “Watch Netflix” or “Listen to Adele.”

Its sleek appearance and easy functionality will make it a must-use accessory in the home. It can control between 1-4 zones of entertainment, music and lighting. At $499 this is an incredible value.

Learn more about the remote from Savant.

Savant Remote Favorites

Haustech (formerly called CBA Technology) has been involved in hundreds of home automation and audio/video projects throughout the Los Angeles area and we bring years of high-end AV/Automation expertise to each project. Contact us today!